There are three types of attacks available in the game. These are, in the order theta appear on a card, Ranged, Psychic, and Melee.

  • Ranged attack: a long-distance attack, represented by a machine gun icon in the bottom left of the card.
  • Psychic attack: Represented by a skull icon, found between the ranged and melee attack icons.
  • Melee attack: a close combat attack. Represented by an "axe" icon at the bottom right of the card.

The value shows the damage it will inflict if you choose this attack type.

 Attack values may be influenced:

  • Buffed / de-buffed attacks: if any of the numbers are green then that attack has been ‘buffed’, increasing the amount of damage that the next attack of this type will do. If the number is red, then it has been ‘de-buffed,’ reducing the amount of damage done.
  • Ready stat: A card Readies if it cannot attack because it has zero in the attack type you've chosen for this round. For example, if you choose to make a psychic attack, then all your cards with zero in their psychic attack stat will instead Ready.
    If the Ready icon is green, the card will buff the attack type shown by the icon, meaning the next time you choose to make this attack type all your cards will do more damage. Example – a card has a green ‘ranged attack’ symbol on the attack types it can’t make. Therefore, each time this card Readies, it increases the damage your cards inflict with their next ranged attack.
    If the icon is red instead of green, then the card will debuff this attack type(for the enemy) when it Readies. This means the next time your opponent chooses to make this attack type all their cards will do less damage.
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