Why are in-game ads temporarily unavailable for players on Windows Platform?


Royal Revolt 2 features a helpful option for players, of watching ads. Watching ads offers a variety of in-game rewards such as currency (gems, pearls, and pal food), respectively reduced cool-down times for active in-game upgrades. While ads are helpful, they represent a limited feature.


The ads hosted by Royal Revolt 2 are being provided by a third-party provider for Windows platform. The amount of available ads is limited by the number of ads that are in stock at the provider, they are also restricted by the platforms used by the players and on the regions where they are located in.  


Additionally, the amount of ads is directly influenced by the marketing preferences of the companies that advertise on the platform for your region, demographics, etc.

Moreover, the type of ads that are being offered is catered according to the player’s cookies history and overall preferences based on the player’s interests while browsing.


Given that it is the ads provider’s obligation to ensure a constant stock and availability of ads while in-game, we are unfortunately unable to interfere or to increase the availability of the ads; it is entirely up to the provider to ensure the constant flow of advertisements in-game.



Given the fact that Royal Revolt 2 is a multi-device and multi-platform game, it means that you can play the game from two devices. 


Therefore, as a workaround for players that have their ads out of stock, we recommend the following steps:


  • If you own an Android and iOS device you can play with the same account from both Windows and Android/iOS - by doing this you increase the chance to have a supply of ads, while you can also play on the big screen. This way, you can play on your Windows device and perform the upgrades by accessing your profile from the mobile device.


  • If needed, we can help you with transferring your account onto a new mobile device. To request ur help, all you have to do is submit a ticket.


Also, please keep in mind that regardless of platform iOs/Android/Windows:

Due to technical limitations with some of our ad providers, we had to limit the possible ad views. You can watch up to 30 videos per day. Once you have reached this limit you have to wait until the next day to watch more.
If you do not get 30 ads per day, it is because there are not enough ads available in your region provided by the ad provider. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do in this case.


Please contact Customer Support if you encounter difficulties when trying to watch videos.





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