What are "Badlands"?

Badlands is the "Greater Rift" of NSK2 and the official "who's the best" yardstick. It is a static, yet endlessly competitive game mode.


  • Battle forward in the endless map of tougher and tougher Badlands nodes
  • Compete for the highest node completion in leaderboards, with and without your guild
  • Unlock exclusive cosmetics from reward milestones


There are different ways to complete Badlands nodes according to your favorite elements. When entering the Badlands Dungeon the Vortex system will be set to “Normal”. Tapping on it will enable you to change to a different Vortex (Frost/Fire/Void).

Choosing a different Vortex increases the damage of the selected element by 50% (damage done by the knight and enemies alike)

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