What happens if I change my device?

Changing the device usually does not affect your progress. If you use iOS, simply enable cloud saving before you switch. When you log into the game on your new device and everything should be as you left it.

If the change is made from an Android to another Android device, or cross-platform, please contact Customer Support.

When contacting Customer Support, in order to get the transfer started as soon as possible, please start a completely new game on the device on which you want to continue playing, give yourself a new name and let us know the player name of the new account.

We will also need:

  • Account registration date (estimate)
  • Last login date 
  • Current amount of in-game currencies (gems, hero power, hero level, highest badland node completed or similar) 
  • If you made any in-game purchases, it's mandatory to provide us a copy of the receipt you received for your last purchase 
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