What is "Tournament"?

The tournament is one type of gameplay mode that lasts for seven days and restarts every week. The tournament bucket you will be assigned in depends on the equipment and power of your knight and the players are selected randomly but they have similar power and armor level.

The winner of the weekly tournament is the player who completes the highest difficulty node that has been reached in the current tournament. In the event that more than one player completes the highest difficulty node by the time the tournament ends, the winner is the first player to have completed it. 

In order for you to advance in a tournament, you will need to have a number of items in Mint Condition equipped.

Mint Condition is lost on all items after the weekly tournament is over, but you will find more items in Mint Condition if you join the new tournament as you complete campaign nodes. 

At the end of the tournament, if you are a member of a Guild, you will receive a Guild Chest. The more nodes you complete together, the higher the level of the Guild Chest.

So play and make some friends to win even more!

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