What do I do if my item disappeared?

The two most frequent reasons why items disappear are the following:

1) Accidentally selling an unequipped item. When making transactions in your inventory it is possible to sell your item unintentionally

note: To avoid selling an item by accident, you can lock it. Tap on the item and then on the padlock symbol, which will turn from grey to white. You will see that the “Sell” button is now greyed out and it is not possible to sell the item by accident anymore. To unlock the item, simply click the padlock icon again.

2) The item is not an item, but a Cosmetic. You can receive cosmetics without owning the piece itself. To find out more about Cosmetics, check this article.

If none of these answers apply to your situation, please feel free to contact Customer Support, providing as many details as possible, including screenshots if available.

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