Update: 2.4.5 Patch Notes

Greetings Knights,


It’s May and things are starting to feel a bit more normal in the world. Here’s what we have worked on this month for your enjoyment:

  • Added new ‘Hero of Time’ Set as a tournament chest
  • Added new Frost Dungeon: The Snow Den
  • Increased power cap to 490
  • Added new Epic (campaign) weapon: Fang’s Flail
  • Added new ‘Ranger’ Talent
  • Updated min/max Guild entry values for better admin
  • Updated Stronghold node values
  • Updated Conquest power cap
  • Event gameplay balancing tweaks
  • Beamsson’s Set moved into campaign
  • Skybound Set can be purchased with vouchers
  • Anti-cheating
  • Bug fixes


Let’s have a look at some of these...


Gameplay Balancing


To update the meta, we’ve made changes to how the ‘Bucket Helmet’ and ‘Shift Skill’ work. 


We also fixed a minor problem with the power scaling of the Nightmare Disc, it now behaves similar to other weapons.


We changed some of the Shard portals to help players in later Dungeons.

New Item Set: Hero Of Time


This release sees the addition of a brand new set, it will be the top prize in the tournament for 5 weeks. The ‘Toothblade’ weapon has a fun new perk that triggers ‘Confusion’ in enemies. We hope you like this set as much as we do!

Anti Cheating


As requested by the community, our coders are currently doing new development work to combat more varied cheating methods, this will result in an improved experience for players in the near future. 


This month we’ve done some tweaks and sanity checks on our tools and systems. Most importantly, we’ve confirmed the stability and accuracy of our detection methods. We continued to ban confirmed cheaters.

New Dungeon and New Epic Weapon


In ‘The Snow Den’, our new Frost dungeon, you can discover a brand new weapon ‘Fang’s Flail’. This powerful Void flail can smash down enemies, its perk is named ‘‘Baneful Bash’ which allows you to do more damage to certain enemies.

New Talent


As part of our continued desire to add in new gameplay possibilities, we have added the first of a series of new talents into the game. The ‘Ranger’ talent will help fans of ranged weapons. When you get it, have a play and let us know what you think of it. Expect more talents and skills soon.

Changes to existing Item Sets


Beamsson’s Set has been moved into the campaign; you can unlock it from silver chests. This Set has a cool perk that you might find useful. Try it out and let us know what you think.


Also, Skybound Chest is now obtainable with vouchers from the shop.

Event Housekeeping


Stronghold and Conquest values have been increased to better reflect new upper power tiers.

We hope you will like the new update!


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