Update: 2.5.0 Patch Notes


Greetings Knights!

June is finished and so is the latest version of the game and ready for launch!

This update will see some additions and tweaks for new and older players.



  • Added new Dungeon: Halls of Fortune
  • Remastered Dungeon 13
  • Increased power cap to 500
  • Added new Epic (campaign) weapon: Blacktooth’s Friend
  • Added new Elemental Chests and Packs in Shop
  • New Carnival activities added
  • Added a ‘Skip Tutorial’ option for new players

Halls of Fortune and Smugglers Rest

As previously mentioned, we wanted to show off the Shipwreck environment earlier in the game so we have updated Dungeon 13 with these new graphics and a new name: "Smugglers Rest"

The Halls of Fortune has been remastered and set up as the last dungeon with a slight power increase to 500 for all items, in this one you can test your skills against Melee-resistant enemies. For your efforts, you can win Blacktooth's Friend, a very special wooden leg!

Another option for new players is the “Skip Tutorial” function, it may not seem much, but this may help seasoned gaming players that wish to start the game or even old ones that want to start fresh or have switched their mobile device and can’t get their account automatically synced.

New Elemental Chests and Packs

The chests will give a guaranteed legendary item + two epics and 50 Talent cards, depending on the element you choose. 

The packs will give you depending on the element you choose:

  • two types of 50 skill cards
  • two types of 50 talent cards
  • 30 pet cards

For the carnival activities we have added new tasks which will be made available in next week's carnival, so stay tuned!


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