Weekly Event: Beamsson's Carnival 3rd - 10th August 2021

It’s time to prove your skills and physical prowess, during the Beamsson Carnival!


During the mighty Beamsson week you have:

  • +20% physical damage increased
  • +30% chance to get more physical items

Tap into these magical rewards to obtain keys, power stones, and one Grande Chest!

Maximize your rewards by:

  • Smiting your foes by multiple killing your enemies and smashing the final bosses!
  • Using Royal Tokens
  • Obtaining and spending Metal Shards
  • Obtaining Epic items 
  • Opening chests and packs
  • Completing Tournament nodes and other game modes that have the Horde modifier
  • Winning Rumble matches during the weekend!
  • Activating the Carnival Pass and completing the tasks will get you Royal Tokens, gems, and the mighty Beamsson Set!



Wishing you all magical treasures this week!

Alex - on behalf of the Nonstop Knight 2 Team


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