Weekly Event: Charms Battle Carnival 10th - 17th August 2021

It’s the second week of the month and the temperatures keep rising!


It’s time we set up the mood and do some charming with the monsters in the dungeons to get them to drop more loot, preferably by either setting them on fire, charming or both!

Presenting you the Charms Battle Carnival!

During the Charms Battle Carnival unleash havoc on your enemies as you have:

  • 30% increased chance of looting items that deal fire damage.
  • Fire items are enhanced, dealing 20% more damage.

Complete the tasks in order to gain tokens, keys, and power stones by:

  • Killing your enemies with fire skills and weapons!
  • Multi Killing your enemies and smashing the bosses by any means necessary!
  • Opening packs and chests, consuming royal tokens, gaining and using fire shards, and completing Tournament nodes.
  • Winning Rumble matches during the weekend. 
  • Activate the Carnival Pass to get even more tokens, fire cards, and the full tier of the Craven set!
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