Weekly Event: Desert Storm Carnival 17 August - 24 August 2021

We have got a treat for you this week, hot and spikey!

Presenting you the Desert Storm Carnival!


Quench your thirst for treasures as keys regenerate 33% faster!
Use those silver keys to unlock the Cactus Club to unleash panic on your enemies with it as this special trait deals 100% Void damage per second.
Don't forget that there is also a special looting bonus of 20% for coins and shards this week!


  • Kill enemies with the Cactus Club to obtain more keys.
  • Use those additional silver keys to obtain Royal Tokens!
  • Obtain additional silver keys and Royal Tokens by completing Tournament nodes, nodes with the Survival modifier, and winning Rumble matches during the weekend!
  • Complete all the tasks to obtain a Classic Pack and activate the carnival pass to obtain MegaPacks and a hefty amount of gems!
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