Weekly Event: Hammer Assault Carnival 31 August - 7 September

The temperatures rise again in the dungeons, the steel gets hot and keys regeneration time increases by 33%!

Presenting you the “Hammer Assault Carnival”!


Finish the following tasks in order to obtain power stones, royal tokens, and one Classic Pack:

  • Use silver keys to obtain the above rewards but to also unlock the mighty Forging Hammer, as its unique perk “Hot Steel” increases by 25% its weapon damage for each equipped fire skill.
  • After acquiring it, smash your enemies with it!
  • Complete bounties
  • Complete Tournament nodes
  • Win Rumble matches!

Activate the Carnival Pass to obtain a hefty amount of gems, royal tokens, and MegaPacks!

Assault the dungeons and claim the rewards that lay before you!

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