What rewards can you earn through Alliance Wars?

By successfully competing in Alliance Wars, players can earn individual rewards in the form of Spoils of War, as well as special War Blessings and additional Donation bonuses for their entire Alliance.

Spoils of War can be unlocked by every player individually by earning a certain amount of Victory Points over the course of the entire War. Every battle counts for your Spoils of War progression, even if it doesn’t count towards your Alliance Strike score.

Special War Blessings are given out to the three most successful alliances at the end of a War: 3 Blessings for first place, 2 for second place, and 1 for third place. These Blessings can only be prolonged until the next time you can win them again and need to be re-earned in the next War in which they are offered as a reward.

Depending on how many Torches an Alliance owns, all members will also receive an automatic bonus applied to all donations they make to their alliance.

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