Building your Deck

When building your deck you might want to consider the following aspects:

  • Faction: the Warlord you pick will determine the type of cards you can include and therefore the strategy to follow. Each deck must include a Warlord. 
  • Allies: each deck might include up to 8 bodyguards. They can be picked from the Warlords’ faction or one of your allies. See the ‘Factions’ section for more info.
  • Initiative values: the deck with higher initiative will play the first move. Pay attention to the sum in the ‘Edit Deck’ screen!
  • Point cost: displayed in the top left corner of the card. Having a higher player Rank increases the number of available points for your decks. 
  • Warlords special rules: each Warlord has a ‘special rule’ which reflects how their faction fights in Warhammer 40,000. This special rule rewards you for taking cards of the Warlord’s faction but does not prevent you using allies - you just get less benefit from them. 

Upgrade cards

To upgrade a card, you need:

  • Enough duplicate copies of that card.
  • Enough coins to pay for the upgrade.

Each card has a list of upgrades it advances along as you upgrade it - called its ‘upgrade path’. The upgrade path shows the stats which will be improved by the next upgrade this card gets and the green, pulsing numbers show the current / new numbers for that stat.

The cost to upgrade cards will increase with each upgrade. Rarer cards need more duplicates / coins to be upgraded but have shorter ‘upgrade paths’.

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